Made from pretty damned good grapes grown in the harsh but beautiful winelands of the Western Cape, an area where the winemakers surf and the surfers make wine. Unlimited by set varietal or single origin snobbery, we decided to get the best fruit from two areas: one hot and dry that produces rich, ripe fruit; the other slightly cooler that produces dark, intense flavours. With quality this good, it was hard to choose what to leave out. So we decided to include all of it. The result is a wine made from, er, many varietals. How many? Well, let’s just say someone once joked “It’s almost the whole alphabet!” A full-bodied wine with a rounded palate that bursts with delicious fruits and blah blah blah blah blah…

Alphabetical Blanc (this translates to Alphabetical White in case you were flummoxed). If you’re after heavy wood and overripeness you’re holding the wrong bottle. Instead, think of the most drinkable, fresh and lively wine you’ve tasted all year. Throw in some more adjectives of goodness and you’re almost there. We don’t own vineyards, so instead work with some of the best farmers to source grapes from across the starkly beautiful Cape winelands. Made with minimal intervention in the cellar, what you get is a white blend that is mineral yet fruity, fresh yet rich.

Say hello to the year-round rosé! We firmly believe that rosé is not just a summer drink, but a lighter offering to enjoy throughout the year. 2017 was the first year we decided to produce a rosé, however, we didn’t want it to be just another “porch-pounder” but rather a more complex offering, hence the 12-month barrel ageing time. Mourvedre was the natural choice, blended with Cinsault to make a more unique South African wine. The rosé is dry, fresh and light, but with plenty of character.