Alphabetical came from a decision to break the rules. We didn’t want to make a single-varietal wine or even a classic blend. We weren’t fussed with areas of origin and we didn’t even have our own estate, let alone a hundred years of heritage. But we did want to make something great and something different. Wine that is voluptuous yet drinkable, impressive yet affordable. Serious wine, but wine you can pour for aficionados as much as novices. Wine that is truly distinctive in package and memorable in taste. Which is exactly what we believe Alphabetical to be.

We work with carefully selected farms across the Western Cape. While this means far more time driving country roads, it also means we get to source great fruit and make wine that perfectly suits what we’re after. These farms are usually owned or managed by close friends, relationships that are key to our wines consistency and quality. We try have as much hands-on involvement wherever possible, whether it be shovelling grapes into large fermenters and sorting berries at harvest, pouring wine at an intimate dinner for a restaurant client or personally delivering wine to customers.

These wines are our babies, and we love them.