David Cope: Eats too much. Drinks too much. Writes about these activities. Marketer. Doesn’t sweat the small stuff. Runs on trails. Relaxed. Has an Instagram addiction. Wears Havaianas. Enjoys wine in small tumblers. Unstructured. Disorderly. Sends too many texts. Chaos after too many beers. Talking Heads.

Simon Wibberley: Eats too much. Drinks too much. Qualified chef. Hospitality oriented. Salesman. Detail oriented. Goes to gym. Serious. Has a spreadsheet addiction. Wears Puma. Enjoys swirling his Weissbier. Structured. Orderly. Makes too many calls. Chaos after too many beers. Rolling Stones.

Together we are Owl & Vine, a small company that creates distinctive wine brands. Rather than own land, we work with farms usually owned or managed by close friends, relationships that are key to our success. We have as much hands-on involvement wherever possible, whether it be shoveling grapes into large open fermenters and sorting berries at harvest, pouring wine at a dinner or personally delivering wine.