Alphabetical is made by Owl & Vine, a small company based in the Cape that creates distinctive wine brands. Rather than own land, we work with farms usually owned or managed by close friends, parternships that are key to our success. We have as much hands-on involvement wherever possible, whether it be chucking grapes into the press and sorting berries at harvest, pouring wine at a dinner or personally delivering wine to keep customers happy.

At the helm is David Cope. He eats too much, drinks too much and often writes about these activities when not running the after-effects off on the mountain trails. Enjoys the finer things in life, doesn’t sweat the small stuff. Generally relaxed but known to get hyper-excited. Happy to drive three hours to look at a vineyard. Addicted to Instagram, white Converse and drinking wine out of a tumbler. Unstructured but strategic. Loves life.

Other brands by Owl & Vine to look out for include The Hedonist (SA), Dirty Julie and Full Moon.